Simple, all-inclusive and affordable

Plans equate to $2 a day if you pay annually, $3 a day for monthly subscriptions.

Core data products are included for everyone

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App Intelligence

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Market Intelligence

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Keyword Intelligence

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Audience Intelligence


No hidden costs. Pay by month or year. Cancel at any time.




10 apps

1 user

2 categories

1-month subscription

100 keywords

Whether you're launching a new app or growing an existing one, the Starter package is perfect for individuals and start-ups.

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Pricing on request

All apps

Unlimited users

All app store categories

12-month subscription

Unlimited keywords

Organisations with higher app and store data requirements can access the entire data suite, via the platform or API.

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Usage Intelligence. For the complete picture.

Find out what happens post-download, with DAU, MAU, cohorted retention, and ARPDAU metrics.



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Pricing on request 

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* 5% discount for 3 month subscriptions; 10% discount for 6 month subscriptions and 25% discount for 12 month subscriptions. All subscriptions are pre-paid in advance.
  All prices are subject to local taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we want a different plan to those listed?

No problem. Have a chat with our team to discuss options.

How many apps are included in my plan?

We use a concept of ‘App unlocks’ as a kind of credits system to help you manage your account. Each app unlock is used when you choose to access the data of an app store instance of an app. So, Uber on the Apple App Store is 1 app unlock, Uber on Google Play is 1 more app unlock.

Can I pay less if I don’t want all of the core products (App Intelligence, App market Intelligence, Audience Intelligence and Keyword Intelligence)?

We understand that not everyone wants all core products, but as we’re offering the most competitive pricing in the industry, we are unable to offer further discounts.

How many categories do we get?

Categories are not the same on Apple as those on Google Play, so we give you a minimum two categories so that you can explore your market across both app stores.


What level of customer support do you offer?

The best! All plans have industry-leading customer service as standard. This includes support via email, phone and chat as well as a dedicated account manager.

What are my payment options?

All Starter plans must be paid in advance. We can arrange more flexible terms for annual subscriptions.

How can I pay?

We accept card payments for monthly subscriptions and we can arrange alternative terms for annual contracts.

Why is there a separate price for Usage Intelligence?

We keep Usage data as an optional add-on because not everyone needs this kind of data, so it makes sense to separate the fees.

What if I purchase an annual plan?

Not only will you have peace of mind that your team has access to world-leading app market data for a whole 12 months, we’ll also throw in a 25% discount to sweeten the deal!

Do I have to pay annually?

Absolutely not! We have the most competitive plans available on month to month subscriptions.

How do we cancel our subscription?

Go to the platform, hit cancel. Or contact your account manager and they’ll do the rest. We’ll let you know how much time you’ll have left to access the data.

 Not sure yet which plan fits you best?

Schedule a demo to get an overview of the full platform.

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